Political Correctness Makes Me Barf

It’s been a couple of weeks since I last posted anything.  I guess mostly because I was on vacation, but also because I guess I feel like I don’t think anything new lately.  My mind runs in circles around relativism lately.  The more I think about it, the more I notice it, the more I think about it…ad nauseum.  As we head into the hardcore political season, as if there hasn’t been enough nonsense already, we’re set to see the informal logical fallacies and relativism galore from all sides.

Earlier this week we saw Rick Santorum bow out of the race for the Republican nomination after his daughter, who has ongoing medical issues due to a genetic disorder, was hostpitalized with pnemonia.  I’m not a big fan of either of those characters, but I guess Santorum’s withdraw from the race was big news.  However, what caught my attention was what the Romney camapaign did when Bella Santorum was hospitalized.  Apparently it is okay to run these so-called “attack ads” so long as everybody’s kids are healthy, but if somebody gets sick, then it’s no longer okay, because the Romney campaign pulled them off the air, “out of deference to Senator Santorum’s decision,” to spend time at the hospital with his sick daughter.  Really?  So it was no longer proper to run those ads?

What I want to know, is why?  Why is it okay to run these kinds of ads when an opponent’s daughter is in the hospital, and why is it okay when everybody is healthy?  Relativism!  It’s absurd.  If it is okay to do, then it is okay to do.  If it is wrong to do, then it is wrong to do.  Don’t pretend like what is right and wrong changes like you’re taking some sort of moral high ground.  That’s not to say that morality is necessarily absolute.  Certainly a police officer must take a life to save many at times, but even then that is the objectively right thing to do.  In the case of politics it doesn’t usually take much effort to discern the objective morality.  In this case the circumstances don’t change the end result.  If slanderous ads were wrong to run while Bella Santorum is in the hospital, they remain wrong to run to run when she is out of the hospital.  The hospitalization of a little girl doesn’t change the content or purpose of the ads.

Politicians, all of them, are the worst offenders of this sort of political climate relativism.  I’m not looking forward to the upcoming Obama v Romney ad lunacy.  I expect they’ll both spend most of their time on how terrible the other guy is, rather than putting forth any demonstrable evidence that their either of their own ideas are any better.  Whichever guy denounces relativism is the guy I will vote for.  I guess I won’t be voting this cycle.  Let’s shoot for objective correctness, not political correctness.


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